Conditions & Procedures

As expert surgeons who focus exclusively on the knee we have considerable experience, knowledge and understanding of all conditions affecting the knee. This specialist focus and training allows us to remain, experienced, current and fully trained in the latest research and techniques in the management of all knee conditions without our time being divided or experience being diluted by also treating other joint problems.

Having either self-referred or been referred by your GP or physiotherapist, you will receive an appointment date to see one of the consultant specialists. Following this initial consultation, further investigations such as an MRI scan may be required.

We will put you and you knee problem first and aim to address all of your needs, concerns and questions. Wherever possible and when appropriate we will aim to explore non-operative solutions for your knee problem. In certain situations a surgical solution may be a good option and this will be thoroughly discussed including risks, recovery time and alternative options. When surgery is planned, we will arrange a date that is convenient for you and conduct a pre-operative assessment to maximise your safety for any anaesthesia. We aim to guide you through the whole process with all the information and support that you require.


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