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Knee Specialists Associates


The Knee Specialists work closely with a core group of anaesthetists including:

Chris Thompson
Mark Pyke
Ben Walton
Ed Morris
Simon Lewis
Ronelle Mouton
Kath Jenkins

All are experienced NHS appointed consultant anaesthetists with proven reputations for reliability and safety. They specialise in the latest techniques in regional anaesthesia and are experts in management of post-operative care and analgesia.

Allied health professionals

The team has strong links with a number of physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, and sports physiotherapy departments. Each of the five partners collaborates with an individual specialist physiotherapist with whom they have a long-established, trusted professional relationship.


The knee specialists consultants work closely with the Bristol Musculoskeletal Imaging Group. We hold regular meetings to discuss complex cases and gather opinions.


All the partners are members of the Bristol Knee Group based at the Avon Orthopaedic Centre, a research programme with international recognition.

They also work in partnership with senior clinical fellow, Mo Hassaballa, who was awarded his higher degree for his doctoral thesis on ‘Kneeling after Knee Replacement’ from the University of Bristol, and who plays a key role in the Group's ongoing research activities. Peter Mihok is the knee specialist Clinical Fellow. He works to assist us in surgeries and is also involved in the collection of patient outcome data for research and review.